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Post  Pebbles on Thu Sep 04, 2008 9:03 pm

Denny: *climbs into the cab sitting down on Moon's lap* did you know the french never shower? I had a french girlfriend once. When we shared our first bath together I told her "did you know this is the first time im sharing a shower with a girl"? and she went "did you know its the first time I shower"? *looks at them surprised* what? guys, its a joke! *shakes his head* Priestly would have appreciated it

Me: *pushes Sam's hand off* get off me. Next time youre on a lead I'll send you some dumb answer like I'm washing my hair or something and dont think I wont tell dad!

Dean: *reaches over and slaps the back of Denny's head* prince my ass, control your husband Moon before I will. Hey Kevin *whispers to him* you got the bow right? wouldnt hurt if you accidentally missed its target and ended up in Princey's butt

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